Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m 31 years old and I’d like to be financially independent by the time I’m 45.

I didn’t know anything about the Financial Independence movement until I watched a TV show “How To Retire at 40” on Channel 4 a few months ago. There was a tiny clip of the youngest retirees in Canada and I was intrigued by how they had managed this by their early 30s. So I Googled them and found their fantastic website Millennial Revolution.

After spending practically all of my free time since then absorbing the information over at Millennial Revolution and a host of other blogs on the topic I recognised how much money I’ve been wasting over the last few years and I decided that I would also like the freedom that comes with financial independence. It’s about more than riches; more than wealth; more than assets. It’s about the freedom to choose how I spend my time. We can always make more money but our time is finite.

I’m at the very beginning of my financial independence journey and I thought others may find it useful to read about it, particularly as there don’t seem to be as many UK based bloggers in this community and even fewer from a woman’s perspective. Please feel free to leave (constructive!) comments or questions on any of my posts.