Progress Update – September 2019

Another busy month with my second job kicking off marking mock exams for accountancy students which keeps me busy at the evening and weekends and brings some much needed income in. Other events this month were an afternoon tea for a hen party, a food festival and two trips to Wales to see my husband while he’s there for work.

Oh and I managed to get myself a new job!! I’ve been casually looking for a new job for a while because my commute is taking it’s toll on me – more than an hour each way and I feel continually tired and lacking in energy. But this job actually found me! I received a message on Linked In from a recruitment consultant about a job in the area where I live. She sent me the job description, I submitted an application, attended an interview and was finally offered the job all within a week!


There’s a small pay rise which I’ll double in savings on fuel because it’s only 7 miles from home compared to the 40 miles I do at the moment. The role looks interesting, it’s more of the accounting I enjoy and less of the “other activities” I get roped in to on a daily basis and there is significantly more room for progression. Moral of the story – make sure you have a solid Linked In profile and jobs will come to you!

And on to my finances….ticking over nicely assets have increased £377k and liabilities have decreased slightly to £109k giving net assets of £268k, a teeny tiny increase of 0.75% but at least it’s moving in the right direction. How’s your month been? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Progress Update – September 2019

  1. That’s awesome that you were just casually looking for a small job and ended up getting a job with a raise and closer commute! Our past month has been really good. I started my first big-girl job ever and finally got a paycheck (I get paid once a month). I’ve heard that’s common in countries other than the US.

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    1. Yes it worked out great! Congratulations on starting your job! How’s it going so far? Yes very common in the UK to be paid monthly, I think maybe only my very first weekend job when I was still in school paid weekly but it’s pretty rare now.


      1. It’s been about 4 months working, almost 5 I guess. It’s been tough that’s for sure. I actually really appreciate getting paid monthly now since it makes things so consistent. My husband gets paid biweekly, and sometimes it’s 2 paychecks a month. Other times, it’s 3. It makes it hard to calculate savings rate when some months we make significantly more.


  2. Congrats and good luck with the new job – great to hear that it’s a pay rise AND a shorter commute!

    Agree on the LinkedIn profile, although I’m looking forward to the day when I change my status to ‘Retired!’ 🙂

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