100 Days Left of 2019

Today marks 100 days until 31st December 2019 and is a good time to revisit goals set at the beginning of the year, review progress and make plans to move forwards before the end of the year.

This year I may have been over-optimistic by setting 19 goals for 2019 following Gretchen Rubin’s example. With hindsight I can see that many of Gretchen’s goals were quick wins whereas most of mine are quite substantial!

  1. Reach target weight of 9 st 7 lbs

Major fail! I’ve reset my goal slightly to 9st 10lbs because this aligns to the top of the body mass index range for my height but I’m a good deal away from that right now after a very indulgent summer. I have a total of 23.5lbs to lose which works out at 1.6lbs per week to reach this target by the end of the year and that is achievable. I need to work on my mindset – I know what to do and now I just need to commit and do it.

2. Complete a marathon

Completed! Very slowly in 6 hours 26 minutes but I finished strong overtaking twenty plus runners in the last 5 miles so I was pleased with my performance and seeing my family and friends at the finishing line was such an amazing experience – there were tears! I’ve done very little running since marathon day in mid-May but I’m slowly get back into it and hopefully that will help me with goal number 1.

3. Declutter

I have been consciously getting rid of stuff we don’t need and have tackled some isolated areas – kitchen cupboards being the most successful. Before the end of the year I want to tackle the cupboards and drawers in the living room, our clothes in the two wardrobes and two drawer sets plus the small bedroom.

4. Pick blinds for downstairs rooms

This one is close to fruition as we have made progress on installing our window sills. There are two more window sills for my husband to cut for downstairs then I can oil them before fitting. In the meantime, I will order some fabric samples so we can can be ready to order.

5. Pick hooks for bedroom door

Not even looked into this one but it’s staying on the list as it should be a quick win!

6. Grow vegetables in the trough

I successfully grew potatoes and spinach in our first vegetable trough; I also tried onions but they turned out a bit small. It’s now been cleared and I intend to plant some more veggies before the end of the year – need to research what can be planted in the autumn first.

7. Pick some houseplants

Another one that should have been a quick win but hasn’t happened. It’s going on the list for this month.

8. Pay off car loan

Completed! And what a relief!

9. Reach savings target of £9,000 which will equate to 6 months expenses

Completed! I’m already there with a bit extra.

10. Get a new bridge for my violin and then practice twice per week

Not even close! I’ve don’t think I’ve even had the violin out of it’s case! Reset this goal to just getting the new bridge sorted before the end of the year.

11. Sew a top or dress

No excuse for this one as my mum even gave me a little sewing machine that was my nana’s. I will make a date with my mum as she’s a pro sewer to help me and provide encouragement.

12. Take part in National Novel Writing Month in November

I’ve got an excuse for this one because it’s not November yet! But I am going to take this one off the list because it is a big undertaking and I feel like I have enough on – don’t want to be overwhelmed!

13. Take more photos and organise into books and frames

I have got some wedding photos in frames and albums already which is good but I still need to do a couple of holiday albums. Also, I’m no better at actually taking the photos – my husband takes most of them so we end up with lots of me and none of him! Need to work on that!

14. Successfully complete leadership course

I’ve completed all the face to face training so all that is left to do is to write two 4,000 word essays – and I’m struggling! The topic isn’t hugely interesting and it seems an arbitrary way of testing our learning and therefore motivation is low. The deadline is looming so I’ve asked for an extension and some support from my line manager.

15. Read 50 books

I started off the year with a list of 25 fiction and 25 non-fiction books I wanted to read but I’ve actually read more outside of the list for a total of 18 – 11 fiction and 7 non-fiction books. There’s still a way to go and I intend to fit more reading in during work lunchtimes and after work in place of television.

16. Post on blog once per fortnight

Epic fail here as I took 6 months off! Back to it now and I intend to publish SOMETHING weekly until the end of the year – readers, hold me accountable!

17. Take a free SEO course

I’ve lost interest in this goal, instead I’m going to try out some of the tips in David Sawyer’s RESET book.

18. Use the bullet journal for the whole year

This is going quite well. I’ve found what monthly and weekly spreads work best but I don’t often use the Rapid Log. I’d like to read the book before the end of the year to refine  my use of it but I’m also considering moving to a Passion Planner next year. Let me know in the comments what you use and why you like it.

19. Plan a date once per month

Another good one so far. As a couple we’ve made time for each other every month – going out for dinner or drinks, swimming, to Rome, to London, to New York, Boston and Cape Cod, to events – Les Miserables, The Book of Mormon, The World of Hans Zimmer, Amy McDonald, and…….oh year we got married! A pretty romantic year so far then and I intend to make sure we keep it up!

Taking the time to review these goals has really given me clarity for the rest of the year. Most of the goals are still relevant and I’ve at least made a start on more than half even if only four are fully completed at this point. I’ve just about got enough time to get them all ticked off – reach for the moon and we’ll land amongst the stars! Have you reviewed your goals for the year? Let me know in the comments what progress you have made and what you’re planning to do in the next 100 days!

2 thoughts on “100 Days Left of 2019

  1. OMG, 100 days!? Where has this year gone?

    Good going on the goals – you set so many so there was a high chance that you may not be able to achieve all of them – still a way to go to get more in the bag! With the wedding and everything, I’m well impressed that you got anything else done! 🙂

    I’m still toying with the idea of a bullet journal because during a recent clear out, I found loads of really nice notebooks which I’d accumulated over the years (there was even a Moleskine in there!) and never gotten round to using. I’ll think about it for next year.


    1. Haha yes I was certainly ambitious but don’t they say reach for the moon and you’ll land in the stars?? Cheesy but true! I’ve got two more achievements up my sleeve that I haven’t been able to talk about yet so watch this space 🙂

      I really like the Bullet Journal but I think my next one will be a Passion Planner which is similar but a bit more structured. I do get a bit sick of having to draw out the template I want for each month, week etc. I also have far too many other notebooks floating around half used so I’m trying to work my way through them in other ways like a dedicated food log.

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