Progress Update – February 2019

The year is really getting going now and it feels like February flew by! The sunny weather was a nice surprise although it’s back to grey and drizzly now. February was also a super busy and fun month – we went to an escape room with some friends which was really fun (and we got a deal on Groupon so it was only £6 per person!), we went on a short break to Rome which was amazing (more details in my next post) and we saw Les Miserables at the theatre which was brilliant.

St Peter’s Basilica at sunset

Other less fun expenses were a car service which gave light to some repairs and a total cost of £477 and I made an extra £500 payment off my car loan.

Although it was a bit of a spendy month, we had saved a good deal in our joint account which we used for a lot of the costs so there was no negative impact on my net worth. Assets have increased to £414k with liabilities reducing to £165k and so my net worth has improved by a tiny 1.3% to £249k – a whisker away from the quarter million mark!


Marathon training took a dip in February with a trip away and a bad cold holding me back. In February, I completed only managed 9 training runs (12 in January) and a total of 27 miles (more than 50 miles in January) with an average pace of 13:34 minutes per mile (13:12 minutes per mile in January) – I’m getting slower but there were a few longer runs and a few shorter ones that I struggled with because of my cold. I’ve stayed the same weight overall after a few ups and downs but I’m ok with that given that there was a very foodie holiday in the middle of the month!

How was your February? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Progress Update – February 2019

  1. Yup, February always zips by fast doesn’t it!

    It’s weird how those landmark numbers get under our skin isn’t ti? I can completely see the appeal in wanting to hit the quarter of a million mark in net worth. It feels like a new floor that you’ll kick off from again. I don’t track my net worth but I have rules of thumb in my head around accessible (i.e. not home and not pension) assets that I push towards.

    Hope March goes just as well for you (and that marathon training is more pleasant in the warmer weather!)


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