Progress Update – January 2019

Aren’t we all glad to see the end of January!? Certainly this last week with all the snow has been less than fun but Spring is just round the corner and today the sun is shining so I’m feeling a bit more positive!


Financially, January was quite a good month although that’s largely down to receiving a reimbursement for my ICAEW membership fees. There were no large expenses although I did spend £100 on a shopping trip with a friend, which was a little more than I intended but it did include a new pair of trainers and lunch and cake as well as some other bits and bobs.

exercise female fitness foot
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on

The good month is reflected in my net worth. Assets have increased to £412k with liabilities reducing to £167k and so my net worth has improved by 2.3% to £245k – getting close to the quarter million mark!

Marathon training is going well despite the weather! In January, I completed 12 training runs and a total of more than 50 miles and an average pace of 13:12 minutes per mile (yes I know this is slow!). I’ve only lost 1.5lbs over the month but I guess that’s better than a gain – really need to focus on what I’m eating and avoiding all the junk.

I’ve been a bit slow with blogging but my next post will be on my 2019 goals! Have you had a good start to the year?

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