Progress Update – November 2018

Where has the year gone? I’ve been investing for a whole year and it has flown by! It’s been another busy month and I’ve not posted as often as I’d like. After my season of stress, I took my foot off the accelerator but perhaps slowed down a bit too much and now I feel like I’ve lost focus. But I’ve been taking steps this week to get back on track with my productivity and hopefully I’ll be back to posting weekly very soon.

My income got a boost this month as I had my first invoice paid from my side hustle, providing quality assurance and marking services for an accountancy tuition provider. I really enjoyed the work too so I’m hoping to pick up some more in the new year.


I had a couple of additional expenses during the month, another hen party, a bespoke frame for our first piece of art to hang in our home and a sewing class. The sewing class was a lot of fun! I made this cushion cover that has a pocket to put a book in. I’m added a pack of Enid Blyton books and will be gifting it to our 3 year old niece this Christmas. This will probably be a regular class over the next few months, which might cause additional expense initially but may save money in the long term if I can become confident in making other soft furnishings and even clothing.


Overall, my assets increased to £406k and my liabilities dropped slightly to £169k bringing my net worth to £237k, an increase of £5k or 2.1%. This is the biggest increase for the last 3 months and is due in part to an increase in the markets as well as my side hustle income. I’m so close to £250k but I think it’ll be a few more months until I hit that milestone!

Marathon training is underway and I’m up to 8km run at the weekends, aiming to get to 10km by Christmas. Keep me in your thoughts whilst your cosy indoors with a hot chocolate and I’m out running in the wind and rain!

2 thoughts on “Progress Update – November 2018

  1. Just came across your blog. Good read so far, thanks!

    A £237k net worth for someone your age is amazing, considering the latest study that says 80% of UK households are not prepared for a £500 emergency says something.

    Keep up the good work! You’ll get there.




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