Progress Update – September 2018

I’m in the middle of my “Season of Stress” so blog posts this month will have to be short and sweet! This month my assets have increased to £399k and my liabilities have decreased to £171k leaving my net worth at £228k a small £3k increase equating to nearly 1.5%. It was quite an expensive month as I paid for a boiler repair at £350 and for my first will for £100.

Just a quick note on having a will having gone through a long, drawn out and stressful process following my sister’s death, even though she didn’t have a partner or children – you still need a will! You never know what is going to happen and if the worst does then having a will means that the family you leave behind have one less thing to worry about during a really difficult time.

So to finish on a more pleasant topic, I’ve got stuck in to my new side hustle – marking mock exams for accountancy students – and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve registered as self employed with HMRC and I’ll be submitting my first invoice for payment at the end of this month, how exciting!

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