Progress Update – June 2018

Well this feels like a real summer! I’m getting used to all this sunny weather even if I have to spend most of it at work! This month I’ve spent a weekend in Liverpool for my friend’s 30th birthday which was really fun and then the following weekend we overnighted in Stevenage for a family get together. It was also my boyfriend’s birthday and we celebrated with a meal at an American style restaurant with friends. And finally last weekend we enjoyed just pottering around the garden, preparing to lay a lawn and getting a compost bin set up.


Expenditure was a bit heavy this month as I paid the credit card which had the holiday expenses on from May. I was initially going to use some savings but I really like seeing that chunk of cash there so I didn’t touch them! I had given myself a challenge of keeping grocery expenses to less than £200 which I didn’t quite achieve coming in at £226. This month I want to beat that and try to get under the £200 threshold.


So onto the net worth figures for the month – my assets have increased to £325k and liabilities have dropped slightly to £172k giving me a net worth of £153k – an increase of 2.2% which is the lowest percentage increase for 8 months but still respectable. As well as reducing my grocery expenses, my medium term plan is to increase my income – I’m just starting a new training course at work and I may have an opportunity for some side income going into the autumn.

How has your month been? Have you had any frugal wins? Or have you made progress with a side hustle? Let me know in the comments!

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