Progress Update – April 2018

Another busy month with lots of fun including a weekend away in Wales watching my boyfriend and friends go on the longest zipline in Europe and the fastest zipline in the world – far too scary for me so I was the photographer and videographer! We also went to the wedding of one of my best friends in the Lake District over ridiculously sunny three day weekend.


It was quite an expensive month because I paid for a weekend away with my parents on the last weekend of March. This was their Christmas present and was an indulgence but worth every penny. I also had a bit of a shopping spree with my mum looking for a casual summer jacket and a more formal evening coat which I’ve had on my purchase list for a long time. We ended up at Boundary Mill and I got two high quality jackets for £135 – yes I could have purchased cheaper options but I’m very happy with both and I believe I will get a number of years wear out of them.


Luckily these splurges haven’t negatively affected my net worth improvements – assets are now at £319k and liabilities at £173k giving a net worth of £146k, a 3.8% increase compared to March. It’s looking like I will double my net worth in the first year of tracking which will be amazing! I’m also now more than half way towards my emergency fund goal of £3,300, I should achieve this in the next 3 months.

Every time I write one of these blog posts I feel re-motivated to save and watch my money grow! How has your month been? Please share your wins in the comments!

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