Money Saving Tip #1

Hello fellow savers!

I’m hoping to bring you a series of small money saving tips that could add up to something big! I’ve found that because I’m thinking about what I can write about on this blog I’m finding more ways to save my own money.

So on to Money Saving Tip #1 which came about after speaking to a friend about the number of books he buys regularly on Amazon. Reading is a satisfying hobby for me and I’ve had a Kindle for a good 5 years and I love it. I tend to buy very cheap books for my Kindle mainly below £5 and it doesn’t feel like a regular expense so I’ve never really considered it as such.


It was therefore a surprise to me to find I’ve spent more than £100 since January 2017 on books split between Kindle books – 34% – and physical paper or hard backs – 66%, equating to an expense of £10 per month not in my budget.

This isn’t a huge amount of money but prior to having a Kindle I was a regular visitor to my local library and I never bought books so this makes my Money Saving Tip #1 super easy – use your local library, it’s free!

For the rest of the year I’m going to use my local library and embargo the Amazon website completely which will have the added benefit of preventing me spending money on other non-book products while I’m there. I feel I should mention that I have nothing against Amazon! It’s an excellent website with a great range of products but while I’m moving to a more frugal lifestyle now seems a good time to take a break.

A little note on my infrequent posting – I’ve moved house! The new house is nowhere near completed in terms of renovation but we are at least living here and I intend to increase my blog posts to one per week from November. This will keep me on track while we make purchases for the house to finish the renovation too!

Please comment below if you’ve found yourself spending more than you’d like on Amazon or similar websites. Have you ever reviewed that spending and what strategies did you come up with to reduce it?

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